C A T H Y  A Z R I A

Founder of BD Designs


It all started when...

Born in Tunisia, and brought up in the South of France, Cathy Azria came to London in 1980 to study sculpture. Having discovered her passion she began to explore the concept of steel fire installations when her search for a contemporary fireplace for her own home proved fruitless. Hitting upon a successful design that combined form and function, she began to receive commissions and eventually set up her studio in Queens Park.

Since then Cathy has established her name in the world of interiors, working for private clients, architects and designers, creating sculptural fireplaces, furniture and accessories in heavy metals, for the home, garden and commercial projects. Cathy draws her inspiration from natural materials, organic forms, the interplay of light, and a conviction that what is functional can also be beautiful.

Cathy works to commission creating bespoke pieces and will never, mass-produce. She works by establishing a train of thought, then developing and refining it in response to each client’s requirements. Every piece is therefore unique, signed and numbered by its creator.