Outdoor Fireplaces

Thank you for visiting our Portfolio’s page. Please feel free to browse through our extensive selection of bespoke fireplaces .

Our bespoke designs can be made to measure to suit your own specification. Our fireplaces are suitable for gas, electric or solid fuel.

We are passionate about fireplace design. Our ultimate goal with every client is to significantly improve the look of his home by designing what we can only describe as a elegant and functional piece of visual fire art ! We do this by using our vast experience in the area of fireplace design whilst listening closely to your hopes and aspirations to deliver the fireplace setting of your dreams.

Please view below our range of Outdoor Fireplaces

Best known for her indoor fire sculptures, now artist Cathy Azria has re-invented the Bonfire for the garden. Her fires form the heart of an "outdoor room" running on mains gas or bioethanol, they can be designed into a chimney, built into fire/frost proof vessels or built over a conceiled burner.

This outdoor fire looks like a traditional Bonfire but it's in fact made of steel rods and set into a bed of chippings.

Loop was inspired from the rings around the planet Saturn , the fire makes a stellar statement - with flames from an invisible burner leaping up through a sculpture of steel loops.

This wonderful Loop Farandole fire sculpture by artist Cathy Azria makes a truly dramatic statement in this garden in North London. The garden was designed by janebrocklebank.com and the fire bowl was created by alexanderarmstrong.co.uk

Loop the loop is a variation of Loop, inspired by Saturn rings . The loops dance in a calm way , at a similar height , creating a peaceful and tranquil mood . In contrast, Loop , with its less controlled height , adds more drama.

This homage to Fritz Lang's classic movie of 1927, Metropolis features tall strips of metal - echoing the film's extraordinary skylines. Gas flames lick through the 'skyscrapers' to cinematic effect.

A concept developed for both indoors and outside. “Nest” sits over a concealed gas burner and can be filled with fake logs or coals. Outdoors Nest can be used to burn real logs.

Tapering steel plates are stacked and leant against each other to define geometric planes through a sculptural form. Added drama is created by the stack’s apparent (but not actual!) instability. Once the concealed burner is ignited, flames lick through the steel elements which begin to glow - providing a compelling heat source that still radiates warmth hours after the fire has been switched off.


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