How We Do It

Our sculptures are made of mild or bright steel. Depending which fire is chosen, we work the metal in our workshop to prepare for the composition: cutting lengths of metal, bending it to create loops or circles of different sizes, twisting it with our machinery. This process takes many days to complete and is stage 1 of the design.

Now the process of creation can begin: I start composing the sculpture slowly and carefully assembling different pieces of metal as if sketching it on paper, getting into the spirit of the piece and remembering the client’s input. Once satisfied with the rhythm, proportion and balance of the piece as well as its size, I and my assistant start working together to weld the pieces, slowly producing a final sculpture.

If the client orders a Black finish, high temperature paint is then applied as a final stage. Alternatively, the metal will be left in its natural state allowing it to develop both a natural patina and rust – which adds to the unique qualities of the sculpture.

For outdoor fires, clients can choose between 3 finishes: NaturalBlack or Anodized (electro-plated with zinc to delay rusting)

Each sculpture is individually created and signed.


We need to know the final size of the fire opening as well as the burner size in order to give an accurate quote.

Once the quote is accepted, 50% deposit is requested.


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