Trade secrets Interview

In her London studio, sculptor Cathy Azria is interviewed by Channel 4′s Naomi Cleaver, presenter of Trade Secrets, the popular off-shoot of Grand Designs that tackles any design issues raised on the main programme.

In the episode, Cathy explains how fireplaces and fire sculptures can be given a contemporary twist and displays her Loop fire as well as other installations.

Inspiration for Cathy’s fires comes from nature and the universe. The Loop fire evokes the rings around the planet Saturn. Flames from an invisible burner leap up through a sculpture of steel loops to create a dramatic effect.
At the moment there is so much mass market focus on the fireplace that it’s all too easy to end up with a ‘me too’ product. If you commission your own fire, however, the result is distinctive and enduring.


Trade Secrets Interview
As with other fire designs, the Loop can be fabricated to any size.

Trade Secrets interview
Cathy also creates designs for traditional hole-in-the-wall fires.

Trade Secrets interview
Artist Cathy Azria has reinvented her Bonfire concept for the garden

Trade Secrets interview
A fire can form the centrepiece of an ‘outdoor room‘ on a patio or deck.

Trade Secrets interview
Providing heat and light, The Bonfire creates a truly magical display.


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