Where We Go

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’.
Henry Miller

You are no doubt aware of our love of nature and outside living. But where do we go to find these changing landscapes? What draws us away from our homes and overseas?

Head designer Cathy was born in Tunisia and grew up in the South of France. She feels most at home by the sea or any other natural setting – as a child houses were not important as everyone lived outside. Predictably, she grew up a citizen of the world; confident enough to communicate with the different cultures she experienced from an early age. This connection with local cultures was later to become the inspiration for much of her work. France, and later on Italy, was to become integral to her life – the food, language and life values very similar to her own.

Outside of Europe, Israel is the country Cathy feels a huge emotional affinity with. She says, ‘There is no other tiny or large country in the world with a most superb record of humanity, sensitivity, talents and love and respect for life per capita and at every level’. Visually, she names Sardinia, Mexico and any country that has not been homogenised and where uniqueness still exists. Cathy’s love of individuality is clear – each one of her sculptures and fireplaces is completely individual – like fingerprints, no two are the same.

Like any artist, Cathy is always drawn to places and situations where she can gain vision and grow – sometimes, that can simply be from the comfort of our studio. ‘Influences are everywhere’ is a BD Design mantra.

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