Our brand new design – Xandra

We are delighted to have added a brand new design to our indoor fireplace collection – ‘Xandra’.

Cathy was given the brief by a client named Alexandra – create a piece using Triangles shapes, but also evoking the winding roads of a Metropolis. Such was the complexity and delicacy of the brief, Cathy had no choice but to name this piece after its owner, and thus Xandra was born.

Unlike Cathy’s original Triangles piece, the triangles in Xandra freely float, travelling through many different angles – they are not fixed. The curved road flows through them, creating peace and harmony in a world of pointed edges and uniform shapes. The juxtaposition of the floating shapes and their sharp angles gives the sculpture a gentle yet dramatic, almost cubist feeling.

Like our fireplaces, Xandra will not only provide your home with heat, but a beautiful centerpiece that is sure to be a conversation starter.

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