The Great Outdoors

We love being outdoors here at BD Designs. Not only does it fuel our inspiration and creativity, but it provides a haven of total silence – and as you can imagine total silence is quite a rare occurrence in our workshop!
Our senses become truly awakened when we step outside. We hear different sounds, see different colours and feel different sensations. Hearing the rustle of leaves or feeling a soft breeze on our skin after a long stint working inside feels almost magical.
Cathy has always preferred being outside to inside. She loves natural spaces rather than manicured gardens and is mesmerised by landscapes both big and small, and would live in her garden if she could! This is where the idea to make her fire sculptures suitable for outdoor use came from – many people enjoy living outside and extending the living area out onto their terraces and patios. ‘The fireplace completes the picture and creates a focal meeting point, just as it does inside the house’, she says.

The feeling Cathy gets when she goes outside resonates throughout her work. ‘Happy, free and elated’. Everything from her sculptures to her furniture has an organic feeling to it; everything is earthy, mostly in neutral colours and free from patterns or uniform regularity. It is so important to her that her work is unique and resembles the wildness of the outdoors that each and every piece is made bespoke – no two pieces will ever be the same. Each one is fashioned with different experiences and visions behind it.
Continuing to rake joy in the Outdoors ensures that Cathy always has a wealth of varied sensations and emotions with which to create her work.

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