Sculpture – At The Heart of BD Design

Despite her love of all art, Cathy’s heart has always belonged to the 3-dimnesional world. As a child she would visit the Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul de Vence every Sunday, walking around each sculpture time and time again to capture the multi-faces of the pieces. Even at an early age she was entranced by the masters of this format – Matisse, Giacometti, Picasso, Miro, Brancusi. As much as she loved paintings, her desire to not only observe but to live with and indeed own sculpture was always clear in her heart and mind.

She began to sculpt herself whilst she was still young, finding great joy in the way the materials she used created textures that so accurately translated her feelings and emotions. Unlike some art forms, the aging process of a sculpture enriches it and adds more life, more power to the overall effect. Two of her favourite artists, Brancusi and Giacometti, she loved for just these reasons – their work does not get old, it just ages and becomes better in time.

Similar to her idols, Cathy’s work conveys emotions, memories, feelings of some sort. There is no limit to shape or size, no need to conform and an active shunning of easy visual thrills.

Cathy says. ‘My late and most respected teacher, Jean Gibson, made a very clear and important point to us, her students: size has a meaning and has to be used with integrity. Before doing a large piece, one should wonder why they choose this scale, and what does it add to the work. My work is not huge, it is in proportion with life, and can be easily integrated in most people homes. I hope my clients will gain endless pleasure from looking at my work, and that their sculptures become a lifetime companion, as a thoughtful friend’.

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