Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Earth. Fire. Beauty. Love. Thoughts. Nature. The city. The countryside. Humans. Light. Love.

The above are a mere suggestion of what inspires Cathy. She was born in Tunisia and as a child lived in France on the island of Porqerolles – she hadn’t yet experienced the northern hemisphere shift in seasons and became fascinated by the change in temperature and natural surroundings.

These changes exposed Cathy to many more organic forms than she was used to; new light, textures and forms unraveled before her. Her next move from France to London stirred her even more – she found power within the city’s industrial landscape, and the seed of conviction that what is functional can also be beautiful was planted.

This epithet is never more accurate that when describing Cathy’s signature designs, her indoor and outdoor fire sculptures. She comments, “The fireplace is central in so many homes and here in the city you can’t have a real fire. The gas imitations were so ugly that I began to think this was somewhere that needed my sculptures. My first designs were very linear, picking up on traditional elements of fire such as sticks of wood and matches. As the designs evolved, so the shapes softened and my current looped range of designs allows the flames to flicker in a series of full circles. The effect is mesmerizing.”

Cathy’s fine art sculptings are more subtle, yet still enriched with symbolism. From totems poles to Ancient Greek villains, her work takes on dramatic yet delicate forms perfect for any setting.

Azria will never mass-produce. She works by establishing a train of thought, then developing and refining it in response to each client’s requirements. Every piece is therefore unique, signed and numbered by its creator.

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